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Welcome to WIFI MMU , VPN and E-mail services.

General: Kindly please don't reply any username and password on your 'SPAM' e-mail, NTU administrator will never request for your password. updated on 23 OCT 2011, by NTU ADMINISTRATOR.

WIFI: New MMU WIFI has been deploy completed on 17 OCT 2011. Please experience new WIFI in MMU. updated on 23 OCT 2011, by NTU ADMINISTRATOR.

Student E-mail: Kindly visit http://mail.student.mmu.edu.my for experience student E-mail services. updated on 29 Aug 2012, by NTU ADMINISTRATOR

Student VPN: Student VPN services not longer in services since DEC 2013. updated on 30 DEC 2013, by NTU ADMINISTRATOR

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