faq [Network & Telecommunications Unit]

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. What is the password for MMU Wireless ?
Answer: wifi@mmu

2. Why my iPhone can not connect to MMU Wireless?
Answer: If you happened to selected SSID: MMU VOIP or MMU VIP or MMU NAC network previously, kindly select the network and tap on “Forget this network”, disable your wireless and re-enable then re-select SSID: MMU .

3. Why I can not log in to student email after reset password?
Answer: Kindly log in with your student ID as username.

4. Why I can not connect to MMU VPN?
Answer: You can use MMU VPN Melaka if MMU VPN is inaccessible. Likewise, if MMU VPN Melaka is inaccessible, you can use MMU VPN.

5. I can not remember my ICEMS Password.
Answer: Kindly visit Student Service Center (STC Building). For staff, kindly contact ESDS Department.

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