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Staff Email

Accessing MMU Email

In MMU, staffs usually communicate via email. NTU will create an email account for a new staff once notified by Human Capital Management (HCM). HCM will inform the webmail login (username and password) to the new staff.

There are two ways to access your MMU email:

  1. Via the Webmail interface
  2. Via an email client program

Accessing your email via the Webmail interface should be self-explanatory. Just use your Webmail account login name and password to access the system.

To access your e-mail via an email client program, you can use the information below for the configuration:

Outgoing (SMTP) 25
Incoming (POP3) 110
Incoming (POP3S) 995
Incoming (IMAPS) 993

If you would like to use MMU's smtp from outside of MMU LAN, use below configuration for your outgoing (SMTP) configuration:

Outgoing (SMTP) 587 (TLS)

Then enable SMTP authentication. The username and password will be the same as your email username and password.

Both POP3S and IMAPS is actually similar to normal POP3 or IMAP (respectively) except that the connection between your PC and the server is encrypted. IMAP is not recommended (user may take the responsibility of any risk) Make sure that you specify the correct port to use the services provided.

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